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The Change Makers

Patti Fletcher and Heather Boggini started The Change Makers to honor their loved ones. Jill Boggini and her father Charlie Boggini both died from lung cancer, as did family friends Phyllis Copp and Aunty Charlotte.

Join Patti and Heather and make a difference for all lung cancer patients and their families by supporting John Matthews in a 3,400 mile ride to raise donations for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. On September 30 John will dedicate that day's ride to Jill and Charlie. He will wear their names on his jersey in their honor and memory.

We have prizes! Donators to The Change Makers will receive signed copies of The Little Princess Who Does Not Get What She Wants, a children's book by Patti Fletcher (while supplies last).

We hope that you join us as we chase down a cure for lung cancer, one mile at a time. Thank you for your donation and support. Cheers! Patti, Heather, and The Change Makers



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